Name: Lemonade

City: Los Angeles, CA (LAX location)

Type: Market/Deli

📷: Watermelon Radish & Seared Ahi, Roasted Brocolli, Red Quinoa, Avocado Salmon Louie & Blood Orange Lemonade


Food: 60

Presentation: 40

Service: 50

Vibe: 40

Price: 40


OFP: 50


Comments: Clean, healthy eating in the Los Angeles airport with many other locations around SoCal. Cafeteria-style, ala-carte, with many fresh salads, sides, sandwiches, and meats. Great spot for vegetarian or vegan dining and for the commuting crosschecker. And who knows… You might see a celebrity! Airport location lacked in vibe, service, and price. Other locations hopefully better.


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