Bar of America

Name: Bar of America

City: Truckee, CA

Type: American

📷: Big Bird (Fried Chicken Sandwich)


Food: 60

Presentation: 50

Service: 40

Vibe: 460

Price: 30


OFP: 53


Comments: A historic restaurant in downtown Truckee, Bar of America has been there since 1891 with many different faces.  The ambiance is killer, the food was innovative, but the service and price were hard to swallow. They use rice crispy cereal in their batter for their fried chicken sandwich. The chicken was super crispy and moist, they serve it with two chicken filets and it makes for a mouth full. The sandwich is topped with bacon and avocado which adds big flavor. If you are willing to overlook the service and not too worried about your meal money, stop at Bar of America for a history lesson and some good food. 



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